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OMFG: Haruhi Season 2

I JUST CAME.  What you just saw was an ad for the March issue of Newtype. Contained within will be the details for the second season of Haruhi (and potentially the tenth light novel), which is to premiere this coming April?! Call me a gushing fanboy, but this is pretty much the anime equivalent of Jesus’ Second Coming.


FUCK, YES. It will be based off the fourth novel (“The Vanishment of Haruhi Suzumiya”), so prepare for some major Donnie Darko-esque tangent universe timehax and perhaps even more of the anachronic episode ordering that we saw in Season 1. Best of all, MOAR YUKI. That’s all you need to know.

Having said that, KyoAni has been known for misleading ad campaigns and empty promises. Some are skeptical, accusing the studio of flagrant trolling (“Yeah, the new season is gonna air April… 2012.”) Fingers crossed — hopefully that won’t be the case here!

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