Maria†Holic 4: “The Price of Pleasure”


Looking back, I’m surprised that I’m still watching Maria†Holic. At first I dismissed it as mere shōjo-pandering traptastic yuri ecchi but it’s turned out to be one of the funniest shows this season. For those who are still skeptical: it extracts everything that made the art club sempai in Kannagi and expands those elements into an entire series. Moreover, it’s being animated by SHAFT, who were behind the genius that is Sayonara Zetsubō Sensei (left), which shows in both the art and pacing of Maria†Holic (right).


The fourth episode is no exception to the series’ consistent quality — the comedic art shifts and pervy gags are as priceless as ever. In a nutshell, it’s 1/3 yuri delusion, 1/3 Ryuuken fangirl RAGE, and 1/3 Mariya meido fanservice/sadism. The result is half an hour of hectic hilarity.


The story is picked up from where the last episode left off — with Ryuuken vowing to “protect” Kanako. But, with Ryuuken’s overobsessive fanbase, her sentiments simply have the reverse effect, amplifying their jealousy and hatred for Kanako. In true samurai style (BUSHIDO!!!) Ryuuken follows Kanako wherever she goes as a stalker-bodyguard. Her fanservicing kendo outfit only intensifies the situation, to the point of mass violence and hate crime.


In this way, Kanako learns the hard way “the price of pleasure”. She is finally “saved” in much the same way as the previous episode — with the bespectacled Kiri posing as her lover. She tells Ryuuken that her constant stalking is making it hard for the two to get it on, and the overzealous kendo girl relents. Much to Kanako’s chagrin, though, Kiri merely sees it as an obligation to “help her out” (as requested by their homeroom teacher).


As for the Mariya meido fanservice I mentioned… well, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. Apparently Kanako is also a foot/trampling fetishist. Where does the sexual deviancy end?!





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