OMFG: Haruhi Season 2

I JUST CAME.  What you just saw was an ad for the March issue of Newtype. Contained within will be the details for the second season of Haruhi (and potentially the tenth light novel), which is to premiere this coming April?! Call me a gushing fanboy, but this is pretty much the anime equivalent of Jesus’ Second Coming.


FUCK, YES. It will be based off the fourth novel (“The Vanishment of Haruhi Suzumiya”), so prepare for some major Donnie Darko-esque tangent universe timehax and perhaps even more of the anachronic episode ordering that we saw in Season 1. Best of all, MOAR YUKI. That’s all you need to know.

Having said that, KyoAni has been known for misleading ad campaigns and empty promises. Some are skeptical, accusing the studio of flagrant trolling (“Yeah, the new season is gonna air April… 2012.”) Fingers crossed — hopefully that won’t be the case here!

Haruhi Suzumiya TV Anime Reportedly to Relaunch in April [Anime News Network]



VOTD: Gurren Lagann Special – Viral’s Sweet Dream

A hilarious special from the TTGL movie DVD that follows Viral through multiple dreams-within-dreams that ultimately devolve into sheer madness. AND GIGA DRILL BROKEN COCKTAILS.


VOTD: Saki Promo

In three words: Akagi — with lolis. Oh, and did I mention that Rie Kugimiya is VA-ing?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Saki High School Mahjong Anime’s Promo Video Streamed [Anime News Network]


VOTD: Foreigner Cosplay Gallery

From the audacious to the tacky, the frightening to the inexplicable, we’ve all seen our fair share of ridiculous cosplay pics. One Nicovideo user took all the “foreigner” (WEEABOO) cosplay photos and assembled it into one video. Some of them — especially some of the crossplays — are just UNBELIEVABLE, in both the good and bad senses of the term. I have no words. Just see for yourself.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t seem to be able to embed Nicovideo — I had to settle with a reupload off YouTube.


Maria†Holic 4: “The Price of Pleasure”


Looking back, I’m surprised that I’m still watching Maria†Holic. At first I dismissed it as mere shōjo-pandering traptastic yuri ecchi but it’s turned out to be one of the funniest shows this season. For those who are still skeptical: it extracts everything that made the art club sempai in Kannagi and expands those elements into an entire series. Moreover, it’s being animated by SHAFT, who were behind the genius that is Sayonara Zetsubō Sensei (left), which shows in both the art and pacing of Maria†Holic (right).


The fourth episode is no exception to the series’ consistent quality — the comedic art shifts and pervy gags are as priceless as ever. In a nutshell, it’s 1/3 yuri delusion, 1/3 Ryuuken fangirl RAGE, and 1/3 Mariya meido fanservice/sadism. The result is half an hour of hectic hilarity.


The story is picked up from where the last episode left off — with Ryuuken vowing to “protect” Kanako. But, with Ryuuken’s overobsessive fanbase, her sentiments simply have the reverse effect, amplifying their jealousy and hatred for Kanako. In true samurai style (BUSHIDO!!!) Ryuuken follows Kanako wherever she goes as a stalker-bodyguard. Her fanservicing kendo outfit only intensifies the situation, to the point of mass violence and hate crime.


In this way, Kanako learns the hard way “the price of pleasure”. She is finally “saved” in much the same way as the previous episode — with the bespectacled Kiri posing as her lover. She tells Ryuuken that her constant stalking is making it hard for the two to get it on, and the overzealous kendo girl relents. Much to Kanako’s chagrin, though, Kiri merely sees it as an obligation to “help her out” (as requested by their homeroom teacher).


As for the Mariya meido fanservice I mentioned… well, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. Apparently Kanako is also a foot/trampling fetishist. Where does the sexual deviancy end?!




Toradora! 17: “Mercury Retrogrades at Christmas”


Inexplicable title aside, the watershed seventeeth episode of Toradora! marks a turning point in the show’s plot development. First and foremost, we are treated to a new OP — silky heart, as sung by Yui Horie (Minorin). Mustically, it’s merely the typical infectious J-pop song you’d expect. What’s even more interesting is the montage of images that accompanies it.


From what I see, it seems like J.C. Staff is trying to “phase out” Kitamura as a main character  — it’s an unsurprising development (DON’T EVEN DENY IT — I KNOW YOU CHEATED, WENT AHEAD AND READ THE LIGHT NOVELS) but I was surprised that this shift was presented (1) so early and (2) so bluntly. I smell a love quadrangle on the horizon…!

Plot-wise, it’s a pretty slow episode whose sole purpose seems to be setting the stage for events to come. With Christmas on the horizon, newly-christened Student Council President and “God of Broken Hearts” Kitamura announces that a school dance will be held on Christmas Eve; naturally, students must attend as couples. Taiga assumes the role of matchmaker (“angel/saint of love”), planning to get Ryuuji and Minorin together at that time.


Minorin, however, is not her usual self. At the beginning of the episode we see her fumble in softball and lose her team the match. After that, she is seen in various states of emotional disturbance and breakdown but the other characters only realize its magnitude when she flat-out rejects an invitation to plan or even attend the Christmas dance. The tension is blatantly lampshaded when Taiga theorizes that Minorin is trying to avoid Ryuuji.


She skips out on that night’s study session, during which Haruta and Noto “subtly” try to pair Taiga and Kitamura together. They try and enlist Ryuuji’s assistance, but “for some reason” he’s feeling conflicted. Later, Kihara (who, up until now, I only knew as “the orange-haired girl”) approaches Ryuuji with an alternate proposal — she is convinced that he is in love with Taiga, and, wanting to take Kitamura for herself, she tells Ryuuji, “don’t give up!”


Well, things are getting increasingly complicated — the web of relationships is now inextricably tangled up and is sure to end messily. I’m interested to know how Ami will be dragged into all of this. As much of a bitch as she may be, J.C. needs to show her some love and develop her character. Then we can finally cut to the chase and witness Ryuuji CARVE OUT HIS HAREM LEGEND. If the new ED (Orange as sung by the three main female seiyu) is any indicator, the top spot is completely up for grabs.



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